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At Topic Jewels

We provide expert Market Research, Analysis and Product Development assistance on Consultation basis. 

While doing so we have a proactive approach with an aim to guide you while staying informed about industry trends, market dynamics, and changes in the business environment.

We strongly believe in an innovative approach by fostering a culture of encouraging our employees to think creatively and freely. Hence we seek out new technologies, processes and ideas to stay ahead in the market.

We also encourage constant Customer feedback and use it to improve our services. Analysing our customers’ needs and preferences helps in designing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations from us.

If you may wish to collaborate with us, we assure you our creative and innovative best while our core values remain integrity, punctuality and commitment.

Our Process

Jewellery Designer


Expert Consultation


Market Research


Trend Analysis and Ideation


Manual, CAD Designs and Renderings


Price Point Guidance


Content Creation

Jewellery Designer
Jewellery Designer preparing moodboard
Jewellery Designer
Jewellery Designer working on moodboard
Expert Consultation

Our Process

Over a span of last 20 years, I have had an in-depth knowledge of the Luxury Jewelry Retail industry. As my key attributes I would state trustworthy and that I am a go-getter.
Perspective taking is one of my leadership skills and this makes it easy for me to be patient, communicate effectively and have a deep understanding for the projects/tasks I am involved in.
In this span, I have attained a keen eye for detail, developed a deep understanding of customer's requirement, overcome possible production hindrances and have updated and upskilled with the evolving technology and trends.

Meet the Director

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