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Majestic Gateway Collection

Fine Jewellery
  • Gateway of India

  • The Gateway of India played a symbolic role in the post-independence era, serving as the site where the last British troops departed from India. This event marked India's journey as an independent nation. Gateway of India is not only a remarkable architectural structure but also a symbol of Mumbai's history, culture, and the transition from colonial rule to independence. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the city and the nation. In this collection we use the Gateway of India as a symbol of Indian culture and hence, a meaningful way to celebrate the country's rich heritage. 

    We mark this collection as a representation of our nation and the values we preserve. Embrace the heritage and grandeur of the Gateway of India with jewelry that tells a story of architectural marvel and cultural significance.

Moodboard process for Gateway of India Project
Illustration for Gateway of India Design
Final piece
Inspiration for Gateway of India

Garden of Vines

Fine Jewellery
  • Creeper

  • The trailing nature of vines symbolizes growth, expansion, and the continuous journey of life. Vines can adapt to different environments, climbing and spreading in various conditions, serving as a metaphor for resilience and adaptability. Trailing vines carry significance as symbols of beauty, growth, adaptability, and interconnectedness. Whether in landscaping, cultural symbolism, or as metaphors for various aspects of life, these vines have a versatile and meaningful presence in both natural and cultural contexts. 

    Garden of Vines is a collection where each piece is not merely jewelry, but a wearable celebration of the graceful charm inspired by trailing vines.

Moodboard process for Garden of Vines Project
Illustration for Garden of Vines Jewellery pieces
Final Pieces
Inspiration of Creeper for Garden of Vines Project
Illustration for Garden of Vines Jewellery pieces and variations
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