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Expert Consultation for Bespoke Diamond and Gold Jewellery

Expert Consultation

Together, we will go over the details of the requirement and offer our professional advice on an hourly or daily basis.

To guarantee a smooth workflow, we adhere to a predetermined, step-by-step procedure for all of our consultations.

Here is an example of one of our Expert Consultations:


1. Suggestions for Collections specific to nature of your business.

2. Item wise Design bifurcation where we will bear following in mind:

a. Price Points
b. Trends
c. Road Map (Season Specific)
3. Research and suggest upcoming Collections based on:
a. Item wise Sales figures

b. Material specific demand ( Overall and specific to your Brand)

c. TG Trend Analysis

Opening the books...

  • Yes, Initial discovery call is absolutely free. 

  • You can simply select a Service and Book a call by clicking on "Book Now" button.

  • You will receive a booking link from us via email. Please make sure you use an email address that you actively use.


Custom Designing for Bespoke Diamond and Gold Jewellery

Custom Designing

Your instructions or brief will be worked on by our team. We will implement appropriate designs, ensuring that they are viable for manufacturing and can endure the test of current trends.

Here is an example of one of our Custom Designing Projects:


1. Based on the brief provided by you we will generate an inspiration that tells a story.

2. We will create Target Group Specific Collection & Concept.

1. Item wise fixed number of designs will be executed specific to the brief provided by you.

2. Designs can be created in following forms:

a. Manual
b. Technicals/ Industry Illustrations

c. CAD
d. Rendering

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